TED Talks Speaker Jia Jiang Keynotes 2023 TFA Exchange Conference in Las Vegas

Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. (TFA) today announced bestselling author, TED speaker and owner of Rejection Therapy, Jia Jiang, as keynote speaker for its 2023 TFA Exchange conference on September 27–28, 2023. Jiang will join on the second day of the two-day event and share his unique perspective on overcoming the fear of rejection. This year’s TFA Exchange will feature more than 65 speakers, panelists, and executive leaders from TFA, World Financial Group, Transamerica, and strategic product partners.

Each year, TFA Exchange is held to inspire motivation, education, and collaboration across the company to accelerate the business and its financial management strategies. This event will host more than 800 licensed TFA representatives and investment advisors at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. 

"The Exchange conference will demonstrate what an exciting time it is to be part of TFA. What a privilege it will be to have Jia Jiang join us and share his wisdom through rejection training,” said Todd Buchanan, president of World Financial Group, senior vice president at Transamerica. “We're bringing together TFA financial professionals from across our business, and it is imperative to continue learning best practices that we can use in the ever-evolving landscape of retirement, investment, and insurance solutions." 

Jiang left his corporate career after several years to become an entrepreneur and experienced what we all fear—rejection. This led him to write the blog “100 Days of Rejection Therapy,” leading to his true calling. Now, as CEO of Wuju Learning, and through his website, Jiang provides resources to individuals and organizations on how to become fearless through rejection training. In 2015, he authored the bestselling book, “Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible Through 100 Days of Rejection.” 

“As TFA works daily to empower people to feel better about their financial future, and to equip more middle market families with access to wealth management strategies and solutions, helping people to manage their fears is sometimes part of the job,” said Buchanan. “Over the two days we will be together, we will put Jia’s advice into practice as we tune in to what our field advisors need in order to provide best in class service.”

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