The Power of Income for Life

Preparing for retirement means being ready for whatever comes your way financially. Annuities are a great tool to help you prepare and adding the optional Transamerica Principal Optimizer℠ can help even more.  You can protect your principal and earnings from market losses and your income can’t be outlived — even if the policy’s value reaches zero (as long as no excess withdrawals are taken.) Together, they provide protection against the unexpected.  

Three reasons to love it

Our innovative optional living benefit sets us apart. It can help grow and protect retirement income no matter what happens in the markets, for lifetime income you can count on.


Transamerica Principal Optimizer offers 100% protection of principal and earnings growth from negative market returns on the 10-year offering (90% protection of principal and earnings growth on the 7-year product). Equity growth is uncapped no matter how much growth occurs.


With more than 70 diverse investment options (varying by product) from well-known managers, Transamerica Principal Optimizer provides the potential to increase the withdrawal base when investments perform well, or reset the guaranteed future value* to lock in investment growth. If an optional reset is elected, the waiting period will also reset.


The Transamerica Principal Optimizer strategy is straightforward, because there’s no need to overcomplicate things. Gains are credited daily, and dividends automatically reinvest into subaccount unit values on the base variable annuity policy.



* The guaranteed future value is the policy value multiplied by the protection level percentage on the living benefit date. After the living benefit date, the guaranteed future value is increased by a percentage of subsequent payments multiplied by the protection level percentage and reduced for adjusted withdrawals.

Before investing, consider a variable annuity’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Go to for prospectuses containing this and other information. Please read carefully.

The Transamerica Principal Optimizer℠ living benefit requires 30% of Policy Value to be allocated to the Stable Account and 70% of Policy Value to the Select and Flexible Investment Options.

All guarantees, including optional living benefits, are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

The fee for Transamerica Principal Optimizer is 1.35%. Fee is deducted each benefit quarter in arrears as a percentage of the greater of the withdrawal base or the guaranteed future value. The fee will be deducted on a pro rata basis from the Select and Flexible Options at the end of each living benefit quarter and only deducted from the Stable Account if the other options are exhausted. For New York only, once the Select and Flexible Investment Options are exhausted, no living benefit fee will be deducted. Maximum living benefit fee is 2.50%.

The withdrawal and protection level percentages and living benefit fees along with required allocations, valuation frequency, and minimum benefit age listed within may change and may not be the most current. The most current information is disclosed in the applicable Rate Sheet Prospectus Supplement, which may be amended by us from time to time. Please contact our administrative office to determine whether the information above have been amended. You should not purchase this living benefit without first obtaining the applicable Rate Sheet Prospectus Supplement.

Living benefit is referred to as a rider in the contract.

All policies, benefits, and forms may vary by state, and may not be available in all states. ICC19 TRGL22IC-R0319(IS), ICC19 TRGL22IC-R0319(IJ), TRGL22FL-R0319(IS), TRGL22FL-R0319(IJ), FRGL22NY-R0319(IS), FRGL22NY-R0319(IJ).