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myTransWareSM will be decommissioned on April 26, and any saved quotes or illustrations ­will no longer be accessible or available after April 26. To continue providing your clients sleek, streamlined illustrations and quotes that are easy to understand and customizable to ­individual needs, use Transamerica Life Illustrator. It offers a personalized experience that­ goes above and beyond.

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AG49 Max Illustrated Rates: Beginning March 21, 2024, Transamerica Financial Choice IUL℠ (FCIUL) maximum illustration rates will change for Fidelity Small-Mid Multifactor Index ℠ Account new business sales and in force illustrations. Rates will remain the same for Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL® (FFIUL) and TFLIC Financial Foundation IUL® new business and in force illustrations.

Effective December 16, 2023, IUL Cap Rate Updates: Transamerica is committed to carefully managing our suite of index universal life (IUL) products to remain a strong carrier in the marketplace. To honor that commitment and best serve our clients and agents we are updating our IUL Cap Rates. 
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Effective November 3, 2023, Extended Early Term Conversion: Grow your term business today and IUL business tomorrow with enhanced early term conversion benefits for Trendsetter® Super and Trendsetter® LB. This applies to new and in force term policies sold after May 6, 2017.
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Effective October 16, 2023, Transamerica Policy Info Available on NIC:
As part of our commitment to making it easier to do business with Transamerica, we now offer in force policy data on NIC so agents can easily access and manage their life insurance book of business with NIC's multi-carrier data feed.
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October 1, 2023, Limited-Time Risk Upgrade Program:
Now, through the end of 2023, we are offering qualified clients a one-time, upfront risk class upgrade on their new IUL policy. This limited time program will apply to Transamerica Financial Choice IULSM (FCIUL) and our industry-leading Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL® (FFIUL).  Designed to help boost your sales, this limited-time opportunity gives clients a rate class they would have not otherwise qualified for, creating the opportunity for greater value, accumulation, and protection.
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Effective September 28, 2023, Transamerica Life Illustrator now provides quotes for our Trendsetter® Super and Trendsetter® LB term products. In addition, if offers fully redesigned Living Benefit supplemental reports for Chronic, Critical, and Terminal Accelerated Death Benefit riders on our term and IUL portfolios.
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Effective September 1, 2023, The IUL enhancements are now available in South Carolina. For more information click on the link below.
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Effective August 17, 2023, Agents appointed in California and the District of Columbia can give their clients tax-advantaged choice and flexibility with Transamerica Financial Choice IULSM.
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Effective August 18, 2023, Customer Activity Reports for in force policies (formerly paper) will be delivered electronically twice a week via email to your inbox for more flexibility, convenience, and security. Be sure to update your email address on file so you receive the updates.  
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Effective June 30 2023,The all-new Transamerica Life Illustrator provides sleek, streamlined reports that are informative, easy to understand, and highly customizable so you can tailor illustrations to meet individual client needs.  
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Effective June 17 2023, Our IUL portfolio has a higher maximum benefit available for Critical Illness Accelerated Death Benefit Rider (ADBR) for Transamerica Financial Foundation® (FFIUL) and Transamerica Financial Choice IULSM (FCIUL). In addition, our FFIUL provides faster early-year accumulation potential through updated per unit charges (PUC) and surrender charges.  
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Effective June 3, 2023, Transamerica has launched Transamerica Financial Choice IULSM (FCIUL) in six new states — Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington.  
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Effective April 15, 2023, Our streamlined underwriting for final expense is now available in California! Get started today.  
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Effective April 15, 2023, Great news for Final Expense and Whole Life sales in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania disclosure form is now available electronically on the eApp. Agents selling in PA will no longer have to obtain the paper form outside of the eApp experience. 

Effective March 25, 2023, for California: Transamerica Final Expense Solutions Portfolio will have a new enhanced selling experience. Agents will now benefit from real-time underwriting decisioning, a new, streamlined digital application, and policy eDelivery. 
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Effective February 25, 2023, Transamerica has launched Transamerica Financial Choice IULSM (FCIUL) in six new states — Florida, Guam, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico.   
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Effective February 11, 2023, Transamerica Final Expense Solutions Portfolio will have a new enhanced selling experience. Agents will now benefit from real-time underwriting decision, a short, streamlined digital application, and policy eDelivery.  
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Effective January 4, 2023, Transamerica has added to its IUL product line up. The Transamerica Financial Choice IULSM (FCIUL) is built to provide life insurance protection while maximizing cash value accumulation potential. FCIUL offers a variety of index options and policy features to help fuel possibilities — faster.  
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Effective December 17, 2022, Printing and signing in person are now a thing of the past with our new FFIUL Selling Experience. Illustrations will automatically be available for digital signature through DocuSign during any point of the selling experience. For additional information click on the relevant flyer below.   
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Effective September 24, 2022, Transamerica has implemented two enhancements for all FFIUL (IUL09) policies with the LTC Rider (LTCR03). Informal Care and International Coverage Benefit are now available in California and Florida.   
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Effective September 24, 2022, Several improvements will take effect, including: eliminating the $25 fee currently charged for withdrawals for Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL® (IUL09), the loan charge for FFIUL (IUL09) in years 11+ will be 2% for all new and existing loans and adjustment of the cap rates for our Indexed Universal Life (IUL) suite of products.   
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Effective August 1, 2022, 1035 exchanges to FFIUL removes the requirement to increase MNLP by 25%. Now only a 25% increase in face amount is required to waive the surrender charge.  
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Effective June 25, 2022, Transamerica rolled out another reprice for the Trendsetter® Super product to help our agents protect more families and further our commitment to being a carrier of choice with competitive rates. This reprice puts Transamerica in the top five 99% of the time versus our top competitors for our broad reprice targets — and 75% of the time across our entire portfolio.*  
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Effective June 23, 2022, Agents and firm contacts can now view and download new FFIUL policy PDFs on TransAct®. FFIUL policy PDFs will be available for 90 days for cases mailed or eDelivered on or after June 23, 2022.   
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Effective April 27, 2022, New term policy PDFs are available on TransACT. Agents and firm contacts can now view and download new term policy PDFs on TransAct®. Term policy PDFs will be available for 90 days for cases mailed or eDelivered on or after April 27, 2022.   
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Effective March 26, 2022, The Trendsetter® Super product experienced a reprice that includes lower rates for the majority of our Trendsetter Super portfolio. This puts us in the top 5 ranking for 68% of all quoting scenarios (based on internal data and Compulife, February 1, 2022).   
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Effective March 5, 2022, Transamerica will restart sales of the LTC Rider on the Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL® in the state of Washington. For help running an illustration please contact the sales desk or for more details please review the FAQ.   
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Policy Issue & Delivery

eDelivery — Fast, convenient, transparent

Today's consumers are seeking faster virtual buying opportunities with digital convenience. That's why we've expanded the capabilities of our eDelivery program and made more policies available for electronic delivery. It's now easier for you to sell and administer policies, and for clients to buy them.

What is it? Transamerica's enhanced eDelivery is now accessible to more clients than ever. During the application process, clients can simply elect to digitally receive their policies by signing the eDelivery opt-in and e-Consent forms on the iGO e-App® or paper application. eDelivery is available on Trendsetter Series, in all risk classes, and with all riders.

What you need to know:

  • Policies are issued faster meaning faster coverage for your clients
  • It saves you the time and energy it takes to mail policies, schedule and host delivery meetings, and obtain the necessary signatures on delivery requirements
  • There are now more case delivery requirements that are eligible for eDelivery
  • You'll be notified immediately via email, when policies are emailed to your clients via eDelivery
  • You'll be able to download all eDelivered policies, making record retention and policy management easier
  • You will receive your commissions faster

Submitting documents online

Because we want to make it as easy as possible to get documents back right now, we're offering an interim solution to collect documents quickly and confidentially online. Our Secure Email Portal will help process business during the COVID-19 crisis.

What is it? A process that starts with visiting to request access to Transamerica’s secure messaging system. It’s similar to sending an email with an attachment, but in a way that keeps information protected.

What you need to know:

  • You and your customers can send documents via the Secure Email Portal if your method of faxing, mailing, or website portals are currently not an option during this crisis
  • There are ways customers will know about this tool — by talking to you, someone in our contact center, or visiting COVID-19 FAQs on
  • Please provide the URL to any customers trying to complete the enrollment process
  • The site supports all product lines — Annuity, Life/Health, Long Term Care, and Retirement
  • This is a temporary solution; it won’t replace the work we are doing on our online portals and tools
  • Transamerica will waive the requirement for agents to sign delivery documents during this time
  • Customers will need to complete a quick form and registration process; there are step-by-step instructions to follow and an FAQ section online if customers need help
  • Although it may take a couple of steps to set up, we’re taking extra security precautions to ensure customer information is safe
  • There are size limits; please keep your email (including attachments) to 50mb or less
  • Please allow up to 48 business hours for documents to be processed
  • For all other questions, please follow your normal process
  • For all other New Business questions, please follow your normal process

Policies mailed directly to clients

Many areas across the country are impacted by state and federal “stay at home” orders. We know this has impacted how you are interacting with customers. To help fill a gap in the new business process, Transamerica will begin sending new policies directly to customers. This will be a temporary adjustment, as we know how important it is for you to have a face-to-face conversation with customers.

View life policy mailings FAQs.

A letter explaining a change to our traditional process is included in the package they receive. Click here to review a sample of the letter clients will be receiving.

Please continue to monitor your portals, systems, and email for information about when a policy has been issued. We also ask that you reach out to customers and have a virtual policy review. The extra help during this time will go a long way in building a long-term relationship.

Licensing and continuing education information and updates

* Comparisons based on monthly premiums and internal data. All competitor data from Compulife as of April 30, 2022, for 3,942 cells, quinquennial ages only.

** For New York: A one-time letter will be sent April 9, 2020, that informs all TFLIC customers of our policy.

Life insurance products are issued by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA, or Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, NY. Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company is authorized to conduct business in New York. Transamerica Life Insurance Company is authorized to conduct business in all other states. All products may not be available in all jurisdictions.

For Agent Use Only. Not For Use With the Public.