Achieving Your Workplace Objectives

Build and enhance workplace wellness programs with these lifestyle and health management resources, many from the American Heart Association®.

Our integrated Wealth + Health℠ program is designed to fit your workforce needs. Whether you want to encourage overall well-being, promote financial security, enhance employee retention, reduce healthcare costs, or elevate existing wellness programs — we’ll help you achieve your goals.


Access Transamerica and AHA’s interactive tools for a healthier, more secure financial future.

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Workplace Health Achievement Index

Assess current workplace health, access expert guidance, and measure ongoing progress to foster a more engaged, productive, and healthier workplace.

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Benefits SHERPA® Report

This guide explores cutting-edge insights on the national working population across industries. Learn how to build a workplace wellness strategy that will achieve peak wealth + health for employees of all generations.

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The Health of Your Community

Utilize geographic heart health data to pinpoint the challenges unique to your workforce, and leverage tools to help employees proactively combat and prevent them.

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Workplace Wellness Playbook 

A comprehensive workplace wellness guide that combines the AHA’s expertise and Fortune 500 best practices. These results-driven insights help guide an effective workplace strategy.

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My Life Check®

This interactive heart health assessment, monitoring, and improvement tool to help you lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and depression.

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Promoting Employee Wellness

Learn how to integrate health into your business strategy and drive meaningful results for employees with both lifestyle and disease management wellness programs.

Transamerica and the American Heart Association®

Transamerica is a national sponsor of the American Heart Association's Healthy for Good™ Initiative.

Why We’re Collaborating

The AHA offers programs to help employees with diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking cessation, eating healthily, providing caregiving support, and more to stay heart healthy for a more enjoyable and attainable retirement.

Employee Resources

Transamerica and the American Heart Association® equip employees with tools and solutions to pursue an integrated Wealth + Health℠ strategy.

Enhance Workforce Wellness

Reach out to get started on your Wealth + Health℠ planning program with resources and tools designed for your workforce.

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